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Morita’s School of Dance offers competitive dance teams for dancers in grades Kindergarten and above.  Our teams were created for dancers who “eat, sleep, and breathe” dance!


Our goal is to give as many dancers as possible, the opportunity to perform while providing exceptional dance education.   We encourage our dancers to focus on doing their very best and improving from one performance to the next, rather than focusing on the position they place.  By joining one of our dance teams your child will have a fantastic opportunity to develop dance skills, make great friends, build confidence and most important have fun!


Every dance team member will have the opportunity to perform in additional performances throughout the year, such as, at Hermon High School’s football game half time, Hermon Summer Sizzler Day, Hampden Children’s Day, Festival of Lights Parade, Harlem Globetrotters games, and our annual recitals.  Along with these performances, they will also participate in 1-2 competitions, depending on the age of the team.






Turn It Up Dance Competition, March 10th-11th, 2018


Top Overall Duo/Trios

Novice Junior

2nd - Kaigan & Kavi - Songbirds - High Gold

3rd - Aurora & Gabby - Me and My Shadow - High Gold

4th - Erica, Olivia & Payton - Happy Days - High Gold


Intermediate Junior

5th - Abby & Charlotte - Fishing Buddies - High Gold


Intermediate Teen

3rd - Anna & Victoria - Dream - High Gold

4th - Jazzi & Makayla - Yin and Yang - High Gold

4th - Madison & Rachel - Eyes - High Gold


Top Overall Groups

Mini Small Group

3rd - Buzzy Bumblebees - High Gold


Junior Large Group

2nd - Hot! Hot! Hot! - High Gold


Teen Large Group

2nd - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy - High Gold



1st - Legally Blonde - Platinum




Mini Stars Team Results

Buzzy Bumblebees - Mini Stars Team - Mini, Jazz - High Gold


Rising Stars Team Results

Hot! Hot! Hot! - Rising Stars Team - Junior, Jazz - High Gold

Me and My Shadow - Aurora & Gabby - Rising Star Duo - Junior, Tap - High Gold

Songbirds - Kaigan & Kavi - Rising Star Duo - Junior, Contemporary - High Gold

Happy Days - Erica, Olivia & Payton - Rising Star Trio - Junior, Jazz - High Gold


Shooting Stars Team Results

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy - Shooting Stars Team - Teen, Tap - High Gold

Yin and Yang - Jazzi & Makayla - Shooting Star Duo - Teen, Open - High Gold

Dream - Anna & Victoria - Shooting Star Duo - Teen, Lyrical - High Gold

Bang Dem Sticks - Eve & Isabel - Shooting Star Duo - Junior, Jazz - High Gold

Eyes - Madison & Rachel - Shooting Star Duo - Teen, Contemporary - High Gold

Fishing Buddies - Abby & Charlotte - Shooting Star Duo - Junior, Tap - High Gold


Elite Stars Team Results

Walking on Sunshine - Elite Stars Team - Senior Teen, Tap - High Gold

I Ran - Elite Stars Team - Senior Teen, Jazz - High Gold

I'll Keep You Safe - Amanda & Nicole - Elite Star Duo - Senior Teen, Lyrical - Platinum

Bittersweet - Izzy & Quinn - Elite Star Duo - Senior Teen, Tap - High Gold

Figure It Out - Ava - Elite Star Solo - Teen, Contemporary - High Gold

Warrior - Natasha - Elite Star Solo - Adult, Jazz - High Gold

Roundtable Rival - Emily & Megan - Elite Star Duo - Adult, Open - High Gold

The Darkness - Alex & Eryn - Elite Star Duo - Senior Teen, Contemporary - Platinum

Warrior - Rachel - Elite Star Solo - Senior Teen, Lyrical - High Gold


Team Production Results

Legally Blonde - Mini, Rising, Shooting and Elite Stars Teams - Teen, Production - Platinum



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